Test SuiteΒΆ

As of version 0.7.0-beta.1 When has an automated test suite. The test suite does not come packaged with the applet, since it wouldn’t be useful to install the test scripts on the user machine: instead, it’s stored in its dedicated repository, see the specific README.md file for more details.

Whenever a new feature is added, that affects the background part of When (i.e. the loop that checks conditions and possibly runs tasks), specific tests should be added using the test suite “tools”, that is:

  • the configurable items export file
  • the ad hoc configuration file
  • the test functions in run.sh.

It has to be noted that, at least for now, the test suite is only concerned about function and not performance: since When is a rather lazy applet, performance in terms of speed is not a top requirement.